Grow with Quora

Episode 1


This is the first episode of Grow with Quora and it’s off to a good start. It’s fairly straight forward in terms of what Quora is and what you can do with it. But the purpose of these blog posts is to summarize the overall message(s). Therefore, I shall ramble no further.
We got through a few personals and how Joe used Quora to find out how to open a jammed guitar case lock. This was his first question. He then used it to find a pancake recipe as well as basic DIY guidance.
But in terms of marketing and growing your Quora plausibilty, the meaty takeaway from the episode is:

Be personal

Answer from your personal account. It says: “I’m not here to sell you anything, just to help.” And we all know that that help will come full circle, one way or another and help you.
When you answer, don’t be disheartened by a lack of likes. “There’s a lot more people reading it than you think.”
JD asked Joe: “What is the ONE thing marketers can do today to be successful on Quora tomorrow?”
Joe replied (I summarise)
Look at your target audience and separate it out by the user intent. What are the needs of the asker?
For example, if you’re doing keyword targeting, look at those keywords and look at what possible questions could show up for these keywords.
Or better said, embrace WHO your user is and change your message to speak to that user.
the last statement certainly ties in with the overall message. Be personal. Bring YOU to HIM or HER.
That some up our Grow With Quora takeaway. And Joe seems like a really cool guy. (So does JD actually, but he’s the main man here anyway.